Voluntary Health Insurance (VHI) - this is the most affordable and comfortable way to obtain high-quality and timely health care.

The product of voluntary health insurance is an insurance contract ("Muin Insurance Company" policy scheme), that provides a wide range of insurance coverage of avariety medical services, including dental as well as drugson account of paid premium.

Health insurance policyis a set of measures to guarantee social protection of citizens in the country, providing high-quality health services and pharmaceuticals within voluntary health insurance program.

Voluntary health insurance is required for all citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan and foreign individuals residing in the Republic of Tajikistan from age of 16 to 65 years.

Health insurance program includes:

  • Doctor examination and consultation in main specialties;
  • Diagnostic and laboratory tests- ultrasound, endoscopy, X-ray diagnostics, functional diagnostics, etc. that is, a set of activities needed to make the diagnosis;
  • Dental services using high quality of filling materials, diagnostics, anesthesia, therapeutic and oral surgery;
  • Emergency aid at home in acute diseases;
  • Comprehensive outpatient care in accordance with the highest standards and with the most advanced medical devices;
  • Inpatient medical care for Clients.

If necessary, at the request of the Clients, we are able to arrange an agreement for the provision of medical services of the medical and diagnostic institutions in other cities and districts of the country.


This type of insurance apart from individuals, often used by legal entities in order to socially  and physically protectof employees against  17 types of acute surgical diseases (perforated gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, strangulated hernia, acute intestinal obstruction, urolithiasis with renal colic, ectopic pregnancy and other diseases).

Insurance contracts may be signed on the cases of surgery for acute surgical diseases as a whole or in particular nosological entity (acute appendicitis, strangulated hernia, etc.).

Insurance age is from 3 to 70 years. Period is one year or more.

The sum of insurance is determined by the Client for any amount.

Insured events are:

  • Emergency surgical operation made in acute surgical diseases (except cancer), as well as the death of the insured due to an illness listed in company policy;
  • Insured person becomes invalid of 1st category due to surgery;
  • The death of the insured person from acute surgical diseases.

"Muin" Insurance Company will pay 15% to 100% of the sum insured to Insured or the Beneficiary, depending on the severity or complexity of the surgery.


This insurance is a relationship to protect the property interests of the citizens during their travel abroad (for instance: a tourist trip, study, business trip, on private business, employment, etc.).

Insured event can be recognized when Client during the term of the contract receives services of any medical facility;in case of an accident or sudden illness that requires emergency medical care (treatment, rehabilitation, diagnostic and other assistance) requiring payment.

In occurrence of insured event the Client immediately contacts the service company, at any time, via the contacts specified in the insurance policy and report the name of the Client, the policy number and the circumstances of the accident.

If it is impossible to contact the Service Company, the Client may apply independently to the nearest medical facility and obtain medical services at their own expense. On his/her return from abroad, declare in writing to the insurer of the incident with the presentation of original documents, the medical institution confirming the payment of medical treatment, medicines and other services by date, name and cost of services rendered.

Tenure of Insurance policy starts when Client crosses border control upon departure and ends at the border control when returning from abroad.

The Client must:

  • While signing insurance agreement to inform the Insurer about all known circumstances relevant to the assessment of insurance risk.


"Muin" Insurance Company offers programs for accident insurance. Insurance protection could be applied to any representatives of professions, including even the most risky one.

The most commonly types of insurance used are:

  • Collective insurance against accidents;
  • Insurance of school children and kids;
  • Insurance of passengers;
  • Insurance of athletes and tourists;
  • Insured event happens when sudden accident occurs in the period of insurance led to:
  • Traumatic injury or other health problem of the insured (fractures, sprains, bruises, wounds, burns and food poisoning);
  • Temporary disablement;
  • Death.

Insurance rate and the size of the premium is depends on type of business, professional activities, interests of the insured, i.e., factors affecting the degree of risk.

Upon the occurrence of insurance events insurance compensation is paid depending on the severity of the injuries amounting from 5% to 100% of the sum of insured.


Passenger insurance is insurance of citizens in case of disablement due to an accident on the way. Insurance takes passengers by air, rail, road and water transport.

The validity of the insurance policy begins with the announcement of the landing and is valid until the arrival of passengers at the destination. The insurance policy applies only to a specific flight for which he purchased.

The insurance policy is issued during the acquisition of a passenger ticket. In case of loss or absence of the ticket for any other reason insurance is considered invalid.

Insured events are events of a sudden during the trip and have led to:

  • Injuries, fractures, dislocations of bones, teeth, burns, fractures (injured) bodies resulting in an accident;
  • Acute poisoning chemicals, poor quality food;
  • The death of a passenger in the event of an accident, with the exception of suicide.

In the insurance case immediately, but within 24 hours of the time of day, except for weekends (holidays) days to report the incident to the insurance coordinator at the phone number listed in the policy.

For the amount of insurance compensation must submit the following documents: application, insurance, tickets and other documents confirming the fact of what happened and the cost of it.

When the insured event to the insured passenger paid the amount of insurance compensation depending on the severity of the injuries in the amount of 5% to 100% of the sum insured

Three reasons to choose IC "Muin"

We have 29 years

We successfully working since 1992 on domestic and international markets. Our experience in the insurance - to guard your interests!

We are recognized around the world

Policies of our insurance company recognized worldwide. You are always under our protection!

You can trust us!

Financial stability of our insurance company confirmed reputable rating agencies.


Update official website of MUIN

09 July 2021
Update official website of MUIN

We are glad to announce the launch of the updated website IС "Muin. Now all the characteristics of this accomodation are available. We wait for your questions, feedback and comments.

Нам 30 лет!

02 May 2022

Страховой организации "Муин" 30 лет - это не только знаменательная дата, это важнейший этап, повод подвести итоги проделанной работы и поставить перед собой новые долгосрочные и амбициозные цели. Мы твёрдо сохраняем наши традиции и уверенно смотрим в будущее. Выражаем глубокую...

Страховые выплаты за 2022 г.

28 February 2023

Информация о выплате страховых сумм за 2022 год В течение 2022 года в страховую организацию поступило 497 заявлений. Все заявления были своевременно рассмотрены, и общая сумма выплат по всем видам страхования составила 551119 сомони, в том числе:       - по...


01 March 2023

21 февраля 2023 года состоялось очередное собрание работников страховой организации «Муин», на котором были рассмотрены вопросы деятельности организации, связанные с продвижением политики государства и правительства республики в сфере страхования. В своём выступлении генеральный директор Исхаков Ш. отметил, что организация на...

Страховые выплаты за 2023 г.

01 March 2024

Информация о выплате страховых сумм за 2023 год В течение 2023 года в страховую организацию поступило 287 заявлений. Все заявления были своевременно рассмотрены, и общая сумма выплат по всем видам страхования составила 473986 сомони, в том числе:         - ...


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In case of occurrence of an insurance event

  • Телефоны круглосуточного центра помощи сервисной компании «АР Companies Global Solutions» Call-центр +7(495)989-11-20 (многоканальный) Факс +7(495)989-11-30 (автомат); Регистрация страхового случая на сайте Электронный адрес круглосуточного пульта координаторов: Набрав указанный номер телефона, сообщите координатору следующую информацию: Read More
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  • MEMO for the drivers in the insurant events (Accident, fire, theft, natural disasters and illegal actions of third parties) 1. In case of occurrence of the insurance events, call the hotline of the insurance coordinator/CALL CENTER – 93 100 30 30/. RESPONSE TIME OF THE INSURER UP TO 60 MINUTES. 2. Invite representatives of the competent authorities (SAI, MIA, fire inspection, emergency, etc.) to the location of the insured event and an ambulance if necessary. Read More
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  • Всемирно Продовольственная Программа ООН в РТ сотрудничает со страховой организацией “Муин” с Апреля 2010 года, по вопросам страхования автотранспортных средств и гражданской ответственности автовладельцев перед третьими лицами, за это время было обработано 2 страховых случая на профессиональном уровне. Мы рекомендуем организацию “Муин” в качестве страховой организации.
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    Посольство США в Таджикистане
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